This Kid Ate a Ghost Pepper for a Dare and IMMEDIATELY Regretted It


First, to get you up to speed: Ghost peppers, also known as bhut jolokia, have been named one of the world’s hottest peppers. They’re 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce and clock one million Scoville heat units (the measurement for spice intensity). That’s just under U.S. Grade Pepper Spray.

India Defense Research has put money into weaponizing ghost peppers.

And this kid named Ryan thought it was worth it to eat one for a $20 bet:

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Ryan immediately realizes it’s the worst decision he’s ever made:

Our favorite part is when, mid-tears and screams, he snatches the dollars sitting on the counter, tries to rinse the taste out of his mouth, and keeps crying as he stuffs the money into his hoodie.

Yeah, Ryan, you earned it. We guess.

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He seems to have survived in the end:

But just remember, that pepper has to come out one way or another...

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