The Internet Is Not Happy With Beyonce's Announcement That She's (Kind Of?) Vegan

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On Sunday night, Good Morning America shook the BeyHive by tweeting out a super teasey promo that promised Beyoncé would make a huge announcement today and that we were “gonna love it.”

Twitter instantly went off trying to guess what Bey wanted to tell us: Another pregnancy announcement, at the same time asKim Kardashian, no less? New music? A Destiny’s Child reunion? WHAT?

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So this morning Queen B was like, “WORLD STOP.”

She’s vegan.
Or, kind of vegan? She never actually says that she’s a strict vegan in Good Morning America’s “EXCLUSIVE!!” interview, just that she’s done celebrity trainer Marco Borges22-Day Revolution diet and also that she’s proud of her curves.

“Carry on.” NOW HOLD UP, BEY.

The BeyHive was underwhelmed, to say the least:

Then, as the BeyHive is wont to do, they started doing the most:

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Some questioned Yonce’s commitment to the vegan cause:

While others started the meme #ReplaceBeyoncéLyricsWithVegan:

Is this really Beyoncé’s fault though? We knew she was doing that challenge and wanted to start a vegan food service. It’s not like Bey was sitting in ABC’s editing bay on Final Cut, thinking, “I’m going to clown my stans.” She didn’t hype the “reveal” on Twitter. We know who did. And you petty for that, GMA.

Still, there were some BeyHivers who still stood by their queen:

Get that endorsement $$$, Bey.

Anyway, last year ET talked to Marco Borges about why Bey and Jay Z decided to take his vegan challenge. Plus, he revealed Beyoncé’s exercise secrets:

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