Taylor Swift Takes a Sweet Picture of Calvin Harris and Calls Him One of Her Favorite People

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The photo may be blurry, but the love is clear!

Taylor Swift snapped a pic that not only included her BFFs Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, but rumored boyfriend Calvin Harris as well! Gigi Instagrammed the shot for National Best Friends Day, writing, "There's not a picture that could fit in everyone that I appreciate, but this post is dedicated to all the friends that light up my life- you know who you are. I'm the luckiiesssttttt."

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While we can't say much for the quality of the photography, the three nevertheless seem to be over the moon in each other's company!

Taylor confirmed as much when she shared Gigi's post, and took credit for the photo, writing, "I took a photo of my favorite people--they were laughing so hard, the lens couldn't capture it fast enough."

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Hang on... did Taylor just call Calvin Harris one of her favorite people?? Those lunch dates with him and Ed Sheeran must be paying off, because this is heating up quickly!

♫ Taaake my haaand ♫

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But seriously, Taylor. Shake It Off is not something you do to a camera.

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