16 Reasons Why You Should Have a Crush on Taron Egerton From 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'

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If you missed Kingsman: The Secret Service earlier this year, you missed what will surely be remembered as one of the best action movies of the year. (And that’s no easy feat, seeing as Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World both are out this year.)

But Kingsman is out on DVD now, and if for no other reason, see it because Taron Egerton is your new crush. Don’t believe us? Here are 16 reasons why he should be. If you aren’t in love by the end of this post, well...honestly, we feel bad for you.

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1. Because he plays a super spy you’ll love more than even James Bond.

And that spy’s name is EGGSY. And he’s the master of the smooth wink.

2. Because how can you resist a man with a pug? Is that humanly possible?

3. And well, this didn’t look too bad either:

Did you just open a new tab and order the DVD off that picture alone?

4. He was also one of GQ’s 50 best-dressed British men of 2015.

Getty Images

He earned it.

5. Like, look at this picture of Taron and Kingsman costar Colin Firth.

Getty Images

It’s not easy posing with Colin Firth. Most of us would look like human garbage cans standing next to Colin Firth. But Taron looks dapper AF. How is that humanly possible?

6. Because this is how he poses with Sir Ian McKellen:

Which is how everyone should pose with Sir Ian McKellen.

7. And this is how he poses in a selfie with Samuel L. Jackson:

Getty Images

8. And this is how he looks listening to Sam Jackson tell a story:

Getty Images

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9. Because he loves a good Sam Smith sing-along:

10. And he respects the early 2000s throwbacks:

11. Because whatever is going on here with a wig and MC Hammer:

12. Because his #TBT game is strong:

13. He owns this Colin Firth mug:


14. His reaction to the all-female Ghostbusters cast was all of our reaction:

Ermahgerd to your ahmagad.

15. Because next, he plays Tom Hardy’s lover in the mobster movie Legend:

Yes we will watch that, thank you very much. Take our money now, please.

16. And because he would have been perfect for the Spider-Man reboot:

Sadly, he’s too old. But Marvel, you can put him in one of your movies, right?!

If you missed the boat on Kingsman the first time around, here’s the trailer so you can see what you’re missing: