Chris Pratt Runs In Heels, and He's Pretty Good At It

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Okay, now Chris Pratt is just showing off.

We already know he's mastered the art of French braiding, can play the piano and has perfect comedic timing, but he can also run in a pair of red pumps. What can't this guy do?!

The 35-year-old actor accepted a challenge to run across the Late Late Show set in a pair of stilettos to show what it was like for his Jurassic World co-star Bryce Dallas Howard to run in heels while being chased by dinosaurs in the movie.

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"You always have to run on your tippy toes," Howard told Out magazine of the tricky scene. "It was surprisingly OK. I took really good care of my feet. If you get a blister, it's kind of over. I was always wrapping my feet. I’m talking about it as if I was training for some Olympic show of athleticism."

While Howard admits she did ankle exercises and trained for running in pumps, Pratt just plops on the heels and takes off!

"I think I can do it," the action star tells host James Corden before strutting across the stage. "He can kind of do anything," Howard quips back.

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She's kind of right. Just look at how well he does going down the stairs in those shoes!

Pratt isn't the only multi-talented Jurassic World star. Howard revealed on Conan that she is able to cry on demand about anything -- including Home Depot.

Jurassic Worldhits theaters Friday, June 12.

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