EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Alternate Opening to Disney's Live-Action 'Cinderella'

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It's an opening that has never been seen before in Cinderella.

ETonline has an exclusive first look at the scenes that did not appear in the live-action movie, including an alternate opening scene featuring young Ella, and they're just as whimsical as you'd expect from the live-action fairytale.

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Ella's childhood has moments that look like a dream. The sky is filled with clouds of horses, birds and butterflies as she runs through a meadow filled with yellow flowers. She even feeds a goat!

Although it's all very beautiful, director Kenneth Branagh says that he opted not to include the moment in the film because "sometimes less is more."

"We felt we had too rich a mixture for the feather-light tale," he explains in the clip.

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Branagh added: "In the end, the shorthand that we used in the finished movie allowed us to establish this happy house and fun relationship with animals much more quickly than we realized."

Cinderella will be released on DVD on Sept. 15. For now, watch the video above to learn more about young Cinderella!