Ed Sheeran Apologizes After Taking Credit for Boosting the Sex Lives of Ginger Men

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Ed Sheeran wants people to "lighten up."

The chart-topping 24-year-old British singer apologized on Friday for comments he made in a recent interview with 92.3 AMP Radio, in which he jokingly said he's responsible for improving the sex lives of ginger men.

Recalling multiple stories of fellow red-haired males pretending to be him to pick up girls, Ed told a particularly funny story about his cousin Cathy totally outing a guy at a bar who claimed to be the "Photograph" singer.

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"Cathy, my cousin, just pulls out her ID and puts it out and it says 'Cathy Sheeran,'" he laughed. "And she goes, 'Look at that! Not today, mate, not today.'"

So clearly, ginger men have Ed -- and his super-romantic music -- to thank for their newfound sex appeal.

"There's loads of ginger people in England who are smashing, having a lot of fun," he smiled. "There's basically a lot of ginger dudes in England that look like me using it ... that's why I'm not hating on it. We're finally getting laid! Like, this is a good thing."

Not surprising, Ed's jokes were widely picked up by British outlets, and he apologized on Friday.

"Every tongue and cheek comment I've been making recently makes news and is taken seriously," he tweeted. "Apologies for any offence caused in it. But lighten up."

But can you really blame other dudes for trying out the line? Ed's been having the greatest few months ever, showing off his incredible weight loss in the music video for his smash hit "Thinking Out Loud," and hanging out with A-listers like his close pal Taylor Swift, and even Beyonce and Jay Z.

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ET caught up with Ed on the set of his "Thinking Out Loud" video last October, when he dished on his 35-pound weight loss. Watch below!

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