Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell Just Went on an Insane NSFW Rant at Their Show

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Heey now, rockstar!

Steve Harwell, lead singer of the rock band Smash Mouth, went on an absolute tirade during a show in Fort Collins, Colo., when a member of the audience threw bread at him.

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DON'T BE SCARED, you didn't just time travel back to 2001, and the original Shrek movie still came out over 14 years ago. At Taste of Fort Collins, a family event with children and whatnot, Harwell spent more than three minutes calling out the "p***y punk b**ch" throwing food at him.

"You throw one more piece of s**t on f**kin' stage," said Harwell. "I'm gonna come find your ass, I'm gonna beat your ass, whoever the f**k you are out there, OK?"

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Here's the NSFW video.

We have to say, big ups to the band for just continuously playing his cue over and over. For the record, he does eventually start singing the group's signature song "All Star."

So basically, if you're planning on seeing Smash Mouth anytime soon, maybe keep the bread to yourself.

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