Meghan McCain Speaks Out About the Duggars: TLC Should 'Definitely' Cancel '19 Kids'

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Meghan McCain wants to change the way people look at the republican party, and the 30-year-old activist is doing what she can to spread the word of love and acceptance.

Meghan, daughter of 2008 presidential candidate and Arizona Senator John McCain, serves on the board of directors for GLAAD and co-hosted the organization's recent Concert for Love and Acceptance in Nashville alongside country singer Ty Herndon.

Meghan spoke with ET in Nashville where she opened up about the support she's received from her own political party and some of its more progressive members, which has inspired a lot of hope for the country's future.

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"I’m always pleasantly surprised when I don’t feel so alone, like I’m not the only Republican who’s an LGBT-ally and advocate," Meghan said. "What’s so exciting about this election cycle is we’re living in a time when that kind of intolerance is no longer accepted and it’s no longer going to be tolerated in the media. That didn’t even happen you know four years ago and definitely not eight years ago. I’m really happy with the way things are progressing in this country."

One of the issues that has been in the forefront of public consciousness recently has been that of the transgender community -- most publicly the debut of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair earlier this month.

"I loved her Vanity Fair cover," Meghan said. "And I’m just so happy that she’s in such a great place in her life. And I’m so happy with the overall response to her. It’s just such a beautiful time to see so much cultural change happening."

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While Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover has been a talking point among pundits and politicians – both conservative and liberal – the subject of the legal controversy surrounding the Duggar family has also entered the political arena.

Meghan weighed in on 19 Kids and Counting, the molestation scandal, and how some politicians have been using the family’s story as a political platform.

"I don’t understand how child molestation could possibly be a political issue in any way," Meghan said. "I don’t understand why this is turning into a Republican-Democrat issue."

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As for her own personal opinion on the future of the show, she said that she'd have no problem with the show going off the air.

"I’ve never been a fan of the Duggars ever, I continue not to be a fan of theirs," Megan said. "I think TLC should definitely pull their show."

The outspoken activist clearly isn't afraid to voice her opinion, even when it comes to slamming members of her own political party as well.

Meghan opened up about her recent tweet attacking former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for making comments she felt were critical and insulting to transgender men and women, in which she called him "one of the truly great imbeciles of our time."

"He made a really anti-trans comment and I just thought it was really close-minded," Meghan explained. "I’m a Republican and it’s probably the first thing people think when they hear my name. And it’s hard to have other Republicans stereotyping all Republicans as somehow anti-LGBT. And his comments are just so dated and so archaic and it’s not the party I’m in or the party I represent so I got a little feisty on Twitter."

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