The Kid From 'Jerry Maguire' Is All Grown Up & Has a Message For His Onscreen Dad

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Jerry Maguire star Jonathan Lipnicki delivered a sarcastic tribute to his onscreen dad, Tom Cruise, for Father's Day.

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"I'm here to thank you, Jerry Maguire, for everything you did for me -- from drunkenly brooding on my mom's couch having a nervous breakdown to dropping completely unnecessary f-bombs when I wanted to go to the zoo," Jonathan says in the clip. "Sure, you were probably experiencing an episode of clinical mania, but hey, it was never a dull moment."

Jonathan's tribute soon turns into a tirade as his train of thought goes to the state of his current career 19 years after Cameron Crowe's 1996 romantic comedy.

"Who could forget those glasses, am I right?" Jonathan says. "Certainly not any producer, director, casting director in Hollywood because everybody still thinks of me as that cute little kid from Jerry Maguire. Never mind that I'm a talented, classically trained adult actor capable of playing a wide variety of roles, because, 'Hey! It's the cute little kid from Jerry Maguire. Say show me the money.' That's not even my f***ing line, you f***ing f***!"

As Jonathan continues on his quest to find the same success he had as a kid, other former child stars have gone on to make it big. Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Biel and Kyle Massey are just some of the former child stars who can credit the child acting program at Oakwood Toluca Hills for part of their continued success.

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"Josh Hutcherson used to live here and we used to always be by the pool, me and him as kids," Massey told ET. "Now look at him. He's a huge megastar - The Hunger Games. Josh is the man."

Massey's big break came when he got cast to co-star in That's So Raven.

"Coming from Atlanta, we lived at the Oakwood," Massey said. "We had a one bedroom. And when I say one bedroom, I don't mean a living room and a bedroom. I mean the living room was the bedroom."

Parents pay anywhere between $2600 and $4800 per month in rent to get their kids into the acting program. Current residents Tammy Shannon and her daughter Emma shared their experience with ET.

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"The hardest part is being away from my husband and my family and friends," Tammy said, holding back tears. "The good part is I know that this is something that she wants, and we're able to help her along with that career ... When she tells me she's had enough then we'll go back home."

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