Breanna Sinclaire Becomes First Transgender Person to Sing National Anthem at MLB Game

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Breanna Sinclaire breathed new life into America's freedom ballad at Wednesday's Oakland A's game.

The San Francisco-based opera singer became the first transgender person in history to perform the national anthem at a Major League Baseball game. This was also a first for Sinclaire, who admitted to OUT magazine that she'd never seen the A's play until now.

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"It's nerve-wracking," the 25-year-old musician said of performing in front of the stadium crowd, which also included an even larger TV audience. "But I love what I do and I've been trained to do this. It's a blessing."

Sinclaire went on to praise former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner for her recent strides in the trans community.

"I know it's early, but I think Caitlyn definitely opened a lot of minds," she told SF Gate. "Sports are such a heteronormative world, and maybe my singing the anthem will open it some more."

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Like many transgender people, Sinclaire's family has struggled with her journey. That being said, she revealed that the performance helped her reconnect with one of her family members.

"I was probably most surprised when my gay uncle, who had told me when I came out that I was not part of the gay community as a trans person, sent me a message," she said. "He knew about the national anthem, and his message just said, 'knock 'em dead.'"

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