The New $10 Bill Will Feature a Woman and Everyone's Getting Carried Away With Who to Put On It


The US Treasury Department announced on Wednesday that starting in 2020, a woman will appear on the $10 bill, which is amazing. While the department is not sure just yet which female will appear on the note, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is taking suggestions.

"We're going to spend a lot of time this summer listening to people," he said, according to USA Today. "A decision could come this fall."

Now, it should be noted that you have to be deceased to be on money. That didn't stop the Internet from creating some very topical suggestions anyway.

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C'mon, everyone!! Just because these six celebs are so money, doesn't mean they are ready to be on money.


1. Hillary Clinton

She's not even done campaigning for president, yet! Besides, if she wins, she could still be in office when these bills start circulating. How weird would that be??

2. Beyonce


OK... even we can't deny that this Bey-nk note, created by Salon, looks #FLAWLESS. But give it time everybody!! Let history-makers make history first!

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3. Taylor Swift

At ease, Swifties.

You KNOW you can't give Taylor a bill unless you put all her BFFs on it too, and then it's a whole thing, and suddenly everyone's on it, and now the economy is in shambles and no one knows why.

4. Anna Wintour

*sigh* Everybody, be real. She's not even American. (You do have to be American, right?)

5. Kim Kardashian


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6. Leslie Knope

OK, honestly... she's fictional, people! She just is. Amy Poehler? Maybe. Let's consider that after we watch Inside Out.

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