The New Procedure That Could Get Rid of Your Double Chin

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Plastic surgery is always on the minds of some stars in Hollywood, but now there's a new procedure that claims to get rid of a double chin without going under the knife.

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Nicknamed the "Double Chin Killer," the FDA just gave the greenlight to Kythera Biopharmaceuticals for their injection that reportedly eliminates fat cells just below the jaw.

ET's cameras were the first allowed to document the process called Kybella. Dr. Derek Jones helped develop the drug.

"There has never been an injectable option prior to this to treat this area other than surgical techniques as liposuction," Dr. Jones said. "The area is first numbed up, so the patient doesn't really feel too much pain. And immediately upon injecting it disrupts the fat cells. It destroys the fat cells, if you will. Over a period of time the double chin begins to slowly go away over a period of days to weeks."

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The cost is about $1,350 per treatment and doctors recommend four to six treatments. Potential side effects include redness, swelling, difficulty swallowing and possible nerve damage.

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