Riley Curry Gets Stage Fright, Is Still Super Adorable at Warriors Parade

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Riley Curry hasn't had any shame about stealing the spotlight from her father, NBA MVP Steph Curry over the course of the postseason as his Golden State Warriors won their way to an NBA championship.

The point guard often brought his young daughter to the podium for post-game press conferences and the charismatic toddler became a media sensation, entertaining fans by singing songs into the microphone.

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However, at the Warriors’ championship celebration on Friday, Riley proved that sometimes, even a diva needs a day off.

The 2-year-old came to the podium after her dad finished up his victory speech to thousands of fans, but she was clearly just not feeling up to performing. She started to sing her famous rendition of Drake's "Wayyy up, I feel blessed," but couldn’t get past the first word before burying her face in her father’s arm.

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Riley also made it clear to the crowd where her priorities were at during the Warriors' championship parade, appearing to be more interested in the blue and gold confetti than the thousands of screaming fans.

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Not to worry, we’re certain Riley will have many more moments to shine, as it seems performing runs in the family. On Thursday, an Instagram video of Steph absolutely crushing the Phil Collins classic "In the Air Tonight" – he even nails the iconic air drum solo! – made the rounds.

We hereby nominate the Curry family for MVP of everything.

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