'Inside Out' Becomes Biggest Original Debut Ever, Still Trails 'Jurassic World'


It's been an amazing, record-setting month for Hollywood.

Last weekend, Jurassic World set a box office record with the biggest opening weekend in movie history, earning $208.8 million.

This weekend, Pixar's new animated offering Inside Out broke another record, scoring the biggest opening weekend for an original film – defined as a film not part of a franchise or based on a book or other form of media -- scoring an impressive $91 million.

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The previous film to hold the record was James Cameron's Avatar, which opened with $77 million and went on to be the highest-grossing film of all time.

Inside Out is also the second-largest opening for Pixar, behind Toy Story 3, which nabbed $110.3 million -- although it opened against the box-office bomb Jonah Hex, while Inside Out opened against the juggernaut Jurassic World.

Which brings us to the unfortunate record Inside Out has also set: It's the first Pixar film not to open in the top spot.

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In its second weekend, Jurassic World retained box office dominance with an astounding $102 million, bringing its domestic total to $398.2 million in just 10 days. Worldwide, the film has made $981.3 million, and is likely to break Furious 7's record of reaching the international billion-dollar mark -- which Furious 7 did in 17 days.

Despite not nabbing the top spot, Pixar has to be feeling pretty phenomenal about its huge release. Many were estimating that Inside Out was going to open at $60-70 million , so it beat projections by a massive margin.

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Also, Inside Out has been getting the kind of critical love that Jurassic World could only dream of. On Rotten Tomatoes, Inside Out is enjoying an astounding 98%, while Jurassic World is stuck with a moderate 71%.

Meaning there's a good chance Inside Out could clean up when awards season rolls around.

For more of Pixar's celebrated new release, check out the trailer below.

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