Josh Duggar Posts Father's Day Message While Jill & Jessa Make First Public Appearance Since Brother's Scandal

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Josh Duggar showed his appreciation for his dad, Jim Bob Duggar, in a Father's Day video message uploaded to YouTube over the weekend.

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"Happy Father's Day," Josh says with pregnant wife Anna by his side. "I can remember as a little boy riding the tow truck with you and spending all those hours together. As I grew up a little bit, we were at the car lot together and I can remember how to do business deals and fill out the paperwork and all those things. Later on, when we built a house together, we spent three and a half years learning about construction and all the joys and sorrows of all that. I can also think of all the moments where you've been there for us -- through the hard times and through the good times. I know that your investment in each one of our lives is priceless and we're so grateful for you."

"Thank you for raising such an awesome husband," Anna chimes in at the end.

Josh and Anna were originally scheduled to appear at the ALIVE Christian Music Festival on Saturday, but skipped the event. Josh's sisters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, did attend the festival, however, making it their first public appearance since Josh's molestation scandal broke last month.

"We're not a perfect family, we mess up," Jill told the crowd. "Imagine what life is like with a family with two or three kids and multiply that about 10 times over and that's what you get."

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Jill and Jessa avoided directly discussing the news that older brother Josh had molested them when they were all minors, but Jill's husband, Derrick, did talk about what it was like to be thrown into such a huge family.

"I was actually the mascot in college, so at birthday events, events for little kids, I'd have kids climbing all over me and so I kind of felt the same way whenever I'd go over to the Duggars' house before we got married," Derrick said.

In its 28th year, the Alive Festival is one of America's premiere Christian music festivals and summer destinations, featuring seminars, workshops, swimming, volleyball, basketball, hiking trails and more than 200 acres of camping.

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