Amy Schumer Explains Why Being a Disney Princess Would Actually Be the Worst

Comedy Central

What little girl doesn't dream of meeting her Prince Charming and becoming a real-life princess?

Which is everything wrong with Disney movies and the message they send to girls. Thankfully, we have Amy Schumer to tell us what's what. And she did, on Tuesday’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer, where we saw her go from rags...

To royalty! Princess Amy even has cartoon birds that help her get dressed!

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Oh, and then whatever, she finds out from her royal attaché, Willamby (Tim Gunn), that she has to marry her cousin as part of an alliance and to keep the bloodline pure, then her only role is to produce an heir. NBD.

Basically, here’s what Walt Disney doesn’t show you:

Not to mention there’s the whole beheading business:

Just ask Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Mary Queen of Scots, etcetera.

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Watch the standout Inside Amy Schumer sketch now. Schumer wins again.

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