EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton Says She and K. Michelle Will End Feud With BET Performance

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Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle are apparently ready to bury the hatchet!

Braxton reveals exclusively to ET that she and Michelle have ended their long-running feud and will make things official by performing together on Sunday's BET Awards.

"I'm doing a very special performance with myself and K. Michelle, who -- in the past, you know, we've both had a lot of disagreements just about, I guess life in general," said Braxton on the set of her new music video, "If I Don't Have You."

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"This is actually the first time we will be meeting each other," she admitted. "I'm just really excited because I'm really about girls sticking up for each other and being there for each other, and it's just time for all the nonsense to stop. Let's just empower each other and be great!"

The pair have been at odds since 2013, and have continued to regularly feud over social media. Earlier this year, Braxton broke down in tears on The Real while discussing one infamous diss.

"A particular person started saying that I look like a Muppet," she said. "People say it so much I was starting to believe it."

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Now, Braxton says that she and Michelle are ready to mend fences.

"With the whole women empowerment and everyone coming together, and everyone coming from a place where you know each other, we all can understand each other," she noted.

Braxton also set the record straight regarding her decision to step down as a performer at the Los Angeles Pride Festival earlier this month.

"I really pride myself into having an amazing show and when people come to see my show, I want them to see the full experience," she said. "When you take certain things out of it, it becomes like -- not good. Or, you can't really run it."

Braxton said she wasn't able to put together a show that met her personal standards, but that she "definitely" will be back at Pride Fest.

"That's something I look forward to," she shared. "That's something that I'm going to do right."