Pregnant Bristol Palin Instagrams About Positivity as Ex-Fiance Dakota Meyer Speaks Out


When Bristol Palin, 24, announced she was pregnant with her second child -- father TBA -- she wrote, "Honestly, I've been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.”

At the time, she admitted, "I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you.” But if you are disappointed, she could not care less, at least according to her latest Instagram.

“update: this is still how much I care about anything negative,” she captioned it.

So sassy! That’s the Bristol Palin we know and...well, know.

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Meanwhile, Palin’s ex-fiancé, Dakota Meyer, 26, broke his silence on Facebook following their split -- and her subsequent pregnancy announcement. Though he didn’t happen to mention if he was the father. Instead, he wrote about three “terrorist style attacks across the world” in recent days.

“All ISIS/ISIL attacks and all overshadowed by the dog and pony show being put on here domestically by some politicians and mass media,” the former Marine wrote, alongside a photograph of himself in a bathrobe, smoking a pipe and brandishing a sword.

Palin and Meyer announced their engagement in March, and in May, Bristol’s mother, Sarah Palin, was the first to announce that the couple had called off their wedding amid tabloid rumors. Bristol, who is already mother to 6-year-old Tripp with another ex-fiancé, Levi Johnston, called it “a painful time.”

In his Facebook post, Meyer continued, “The news that feeds the ‘inquiring mind want to know’ is inconsequential compared to that which is truly relevant but lost on the back page. I urge you to go beyond what is spoon fed to you and see what is truly going on out there.”

Anyway, remember when Bristol told Oprah she wouldn’t have sex again until marriage?

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