Some Guy Stormed the Stage During Kanye West's Performance at Glastonbury


As if things couldn’t get worse for Kimye at Glastonbury.

First, Kanye West was the subject of a petition demanding he be removed from the Glastonbury Festival ticket -- where he’s headlining. Then, on Saturday, Kim Kardashian experienced a NSFW wardrobe malfunction en route to his performance.

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Well, he finally hit the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury and only three songs into his set, some dude jumped on stage with a microphone and tried to rap along with him.

How do you even get a microphone into a concert? Isn’t there security?

Turns out, it wasn't just some random fan. It was Lee Nelson. Which is a character created by English comedian Simon Brodkin. Confusing, we know, but it really doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that Yeezy was obviously not pleased and started the song over once Nelson was dragged offstage by security.

Watch the performance bomb now:

Lil Mama of him.

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Afterwards Nelson tweeted that he was just trying to “give [Kanye] a hand”:

Meanwhile, elsewhere on Twitter, reaction to Ye’s set has been fairly mixed:

Oh, well. He’s always been divisive, hasn’t he? That’s kind of his *thing*.

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