Inside Rob Gronkowski's Wild Georgia Night: $100 Bills and 'Chicks As Hot As Crocodiles': EXCLUSIVE DETAILS

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UPDATED: Now here's something you probably didn't expect to see today.

New England Patriots' tight-end and media go-to Rob Gronkowski showed off his rap skills during a surprise set at The Warehouse Bar & Grille in Savannah, Ga. And by "set," we mean actually unintelligible freestyle over a non-existent beat.

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According to Les Racquet drummer Daniel Malone, whose band was playing Friday night at The Warehouse, the NFL star was in town to celebrate a childhood friend's wedding.

"He was dancing with everybody, having his friends pour beer in his mouth – sometimes two at once – but the whole time he was still really classy," Malone tells ETonline. "Every time the attention got too much on him, he would point to his friend who was getting married."

 See new videos and images from Gronk's headline-making night, including his now-infamous line about "looking for chicks as hot as crocodiles."

Malone says that his bandmate is a New England native, and took time to thank Gronk for "making Massachusetts proud." Gronkowski scored a touchdown in the second quarter of the Super Bowl that was instrumental in helping the Patriots win, and was named to the NFL's 2014 All-Pro team. Contrary to multiple reports, sources say that Gronk was not asked to vacate the stage.

"I expected him to be kind of an a**h***, 'cause his reputation is such a party animal," says Malone, who notes that the first thing Gronk did upon entering the bar was tip the band $100. "He was very caring for his friend," he adds. "I really admired that. I have a new perspective on Rob Gronkowski."

But one question remains: did Gronk actually find "chicks as hot as crocodiles" that night?

"He came in with all guys," Malone notes, "but as soon as he started dancing, every girl in the bar just miraculously started wanting to dance a little bit closer to the stage."

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Gronk has not yet spoken out about what could be his new calling, but does seem to be "focused on off-season gains" with a Six Star Pro-endorsed tweet posted Monday morning.

The 26-year-old may be focused on football now, but fans can party on his party cruise "Gronk Island" in February. Because obviously that's a thing.

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