Super-Fit Lingerie Model Sarah Stage Accused of Photoshopping Post-Baby Body Pic

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Has Sarah Stage just been busted Photoshopping her famous Instagram pics?!

The 30-year-old Internet sensation, who first gained attention thanks to her unbelievably fit pregnant body, recently faced Photoshopping accusations about this bikini pic with her son, 2-month-old James Hunter. Pointing out what appears to be a bump on her upper left thigh, some of her followers were quick to assume photo manipulation.

"Photo was altered to make her look skinny," one user writes.

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However, Sarah tells ET this is absolutely not the case.

"The photo isn't Photoshopped," she says. "My husband took several photos and they all looked like that."

"It's hard to pose a newborn," she also points out.

Sarah even Instagrammed a second shot her husband took of her and their baby to answer her haters, writing, "When you're sharing a pic of a relaxing pool day with your son and people are concerned with your thigh shadow/pudge/skin."

Regardless of the naysayers, it's pretty safe to say Sarah looks great in her white bikini.

And yes, she still has those abs less than three months after giving birth.

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Check out the video to see Sarah showing off her bikini bod in May, just three weeks after giving birth.

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