George Takei Has The Perfect Response To Donald Trump's Position on Same-Sex Marriage

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As Donald Trump responds to backlash against his remarks about Mexican immigrants, former Celebrity Apprentice contestant George Takei is taking aim at the 2016 presidential candidate's anti-same sex marriage stance.

The Star Trek star and LGBT activist talked to MSNBC about a conversation he had with Trump about same-sex marriage.

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According to Takei, the two met for dinner about two years ago after Trump had attended friend's a gay wedding, but that didn't change his thoughts on the issue at all.

"I said, 'Well why can't you support marriage equality? You go to weddings of same sex couples,'" Takei recalled. "He said, 'Well I'm for traditional marriage.'"

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That's when Takei pointed out the irony in Trump's logic.

"He believes in traditional marriage, despite the fact that he has been married three times," Takei pointed out. "That is not traditional."

"I approve of his three time marriage, because you want to find the person that you love," he continued.

Watch Takei's full conversation below.

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Following Trump's recent media fallout for his anti-immigration comments, several brands have distanced themselves from the 69-year-old businessman. However, Trump is standing by his statements.

"I don't have a racist bone in my body," Trump exclusively told ET in New York on Wednesday, defending himself against accusations of racism. "The fact that I want a strong border and the fact that I don't want illegal immigrants pouring into this country, that doesn't make me a racist, it means I love this country and I want to save this country."

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