'Ant-Man' Star Paul Rudd Can't Get Enough of Fart Jokes


You doing alright, Paul Rudd??

The ever funny and likable Paul Rudd is supposed to be promoting his superhero debut film, Ant-Man, but as you can see from the following interview with Clevver Movies, that objective can be quickly derailed by a squeaky leather chair that makes fart noises.

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Rudd and interviewer Erin Robinson are so amused by the bathroom noises that an interview barely happens.

This is not even the most overjoyed Rudd has been by breaking wind. Watch him and Jason Segel gleefully make a bunch of fart noises into a microphone while promoting their 2009 film, I Love You Man.

(WARNING: There are obscenities all over this little clip of Paul Rudd completely losing it to gas jokes.)

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Paul Rudd, we love you so much.

Ant-Man hits theaters July 17. Watch star Evangeline Lilly debut her baby bump at the premiere.