Rande Gerber Says He Plans to 'Buy a Shotgun' As Model Daughter Kaia Gets More Famous

Kaia Gerber is modeling just like her mom, Cindy Crawford, but guys should watch out.

Kaia Gerber is just 13 years old, but already has 108,000 followers on Instagram and is constantly being compared to her supermodel mom, one of the most beautiful women of all time: Cindy Crawford.

Oh, and she's modeling too -- for Teen Vogue, Versace and more.

Her dad's response to his daughter’s growing fame? "Buy a shotgun."

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Businessman and Casamigos Tequila founder Rande Gerber is a proud papa, for sure. Daughter Kaia and son Presley are the lights of his life, and both inherited mom and dad's good looks.

"Fortunately they both look like [Cindy]," Rande humbly tells ET.

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And, overall, he’s actually a pretty laid-back dad, noting that he and Cindy's parenting mantra is to let their kids make their own way.

"So far they've stayed out of trouble," he says. "They're not doing anything they shouldn't be. At least, we don't know about it, so they're smart enough, if they are, to be keeping it from us!"

Kaia and Presley also have their “uncle” looking out for them – Rande’s longtime friend and Casamigos Tequila co-founder, George Clooney. “My kids just laugh all the time when they're around him,” he says.

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As for more modeling in Kaia's future? Right now, Rande says, "she's just being a kid." And luckily, her older brother Presley is "very protective." So, guys, look out -- especially when Kaia has moves like this.