Ryan Reynolds on Parenthood: 'I Have the Same Challenges That Every Other First-Time Dad Has'

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It's the latest case of celebrities are just like us.

Ryan Reynolds recently celebrated being a first-time dad on Father's Day, and he spoke to ET about how he's loving "every second" of it.

The Self/Less actor said he has "the same challenges that every other new dad has—you're just trying to always do the right thing. You're trying to get acquainted with this totally new way of life."

Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, welcomed baby James last December, and he says his daughter has changed the way he looks at life.

PHOTO: The First Pic of Ryan Reynolds' Daughter

"I suddenly feel an incredible sense of mortality like a lot of other fathers do. You look at this little face and you realize it's six months old already, and soon it'll be a year and you only get, at best, 90 years in your life," he explained. "So you look at that little face and you think, 'God, I'm only going to know this person for hopefully 50-55 years.' Suddenly, it doesn't seem like a long time."

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Meanwhile, in Reynolds' near future, he'll be attending San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. "I wish for everyone on the planet to have at least one day at a Comic-Con. A San Diego Comic-Con, it's absolute mayhem," he shared. "I'm looking forward to bringing Deadpool there and hopefully we've got a few surprises in store for people."

Check out the video above to see what Reynolds has to say about being a first-time dad and his upcoming big event!