Channing Tatum Is a Real-Life Superhero, Helps 92-Year-Old Stan Lee Off the Stage

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As if we couldn’t love Channing Tatum more.

The 35-year-old Gambit star made a surprise appearance during the star-studded 20th Century Fox panel at Comic-Con on Saturday, which made the fanboys and fangirls go absolutely nuts. But his shining moment came after the hoopla, when comic book legend Stan Lee was having difficulty getting off the stage.

While Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and James McAvoy were taking in the madness in Hall H, Tatum noticed the 92-year-old slowly making his way off stage and quickly leaped in to aid him down the stairs.

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If that’s not proof that Tatum is the coolest human being ever, we don’t know what is.

He and Lee even took a superhero selfie!

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Fans were swooning over Tatum’s angelic act.

Later that evening, Tatum gushed about his once-in-a-lifetime experience on Twitter. Not one to toot his own horn, he didn’t even acknowledge his gentlemanly act!

“Superhero selfies and @TheRealStanLee… All sorts of dreams came true in #HallH today,” he tweeted.

If you needed any more proof that Channing Tatum is awesome, you have to watch this video!