EXCLUSIVE: How the Scariest Movie of the Year Created the Most Terrifyingly Catchy Soundtrack Ever

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The scariest movie of the year isn’t a big blockbuster with blood and guts and Hollywood "It' girls playing scream queens. It’s not a found footage knockoff, or yet another sequel or remake. There are no CGI monsters or scary clowns.

It’s a little indie that broke out at Sundance, about sexually transmitted terror.

It Follows
, by sophomore director David Robert Mitchell, revolves around a teen (Maika Monroe, who will next star in Independence Day 2) who engages in a seemingly innocent sexual encounter, only to discover afterwards that someone, or something, is following her.

It’s truly terrifying on every level -- enough to scare its way into competition at Cannes -- and, like most horror movies before it, the creepiest part of the film is the soundtrack. And It Follows has one damn creepy, catchy soundtrack.

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“The film is really broken up into scenes where there is a direct threat, where there is a confrontation with...it, and scenes where there isn’t,” composer Disasterpeace, previously known for making chiptune music for video games, explains in this exclusive behind-the-scenes feature.

He goes on to explain that the music for the movie mirrors that juxtaposition, “between whether it’s this really bombastic, threatening piece of music, or if it’s something more melancholic or psychological.”

You can download the movie's soundtrack here, but fair warning: It will haunt your dreams. Still, you won’t be able to stop listening to it. “We wanted the music to be unpredictable, to be bold,” Disasterpeace says. “To be surprising, to be loud, to experiment in [some of the scarier] scenes with the sounds and the structure of the music.”

It Follows
arrives on DVD July 14.

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