Bill Cosby Accuser Beth Ferrier Says Comedian 'Offered Her the World'

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Former model Beth Ferrier sat down with ET, spilling more about her relationship with Bill Cosby.

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"I was married and had a 1-year-old," Ferrier told ET. "He offered me the world."

According to a 2005 deposition revealed by The New York Times, in the mid-1980s Cosby expressed interest in the model's career and concern about her father who had recently passed away. In the deposition, Cosby admits that he asked questions regarding those topics because he "wanted to have sexual contact with her."

"My father was my life and this man took advantage," Ferrier said.

Ferrier claims that Cosby drugged her when she went to visit him in Denver in the '80s by slipping something into her cappuccino.

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Excerpts from the deposition that were released earlier this month show Cosby admitted to obtaining Quaaludes to give to "young women" he "wanted to have sex with," but Cosby has never been criminally charged and has vehemently denied all allegations of sexual assault.

"I thought he cared and loved me," Ferrier said. "He drugged me and that was it."

Ferrier insists that she never took any money from Cosby despite his offers.

Cosby was married to his wife Camille during that time, which raises the question: How much did Camille know? Graham Bowley of The New York Times told ET that Cosby went to great lengths to try and keep his extramarital affairs a secret from his wife.

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"He sent money through his agent," Bowley said. "And why did he do that? So that Mrs. Cosby didn't find out."

"Mrs. Cosby had to have known," Ferrier argued. "I was on the set all the time. I was in their house. I actually do not know what Camille knew about me."

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