Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran Make Light of Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj's VMAs Feud!

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The Twitter feuds continue ...sorta!

After hearing about Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj's war of words over the MTV Video Music Awards nominations, Bruno Mars decided to start his own argument with Ed Sheeran. The two will face off at the VMAs over the Video of the Year moon man, and that's reason enough to get into a Twitter battle.

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"Yo I want in on this twitter Beef!! VMAs is the new WWF!!" the "Uptown Funk" singer tweeted. "@edsheeran F**k You!"

Mars got so excited about his faux Twitter feud with the "Thinking Out Loud" artist that he shared "smack down" poster of the two of them. "Show yourself," Mars tweeted at Sheeran.

Sheeran bit back: "@BrunoMars any way we do dis you gon' come up short."

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Mars reacted: "That Cut deep..U always know how to sheer me to the core. I can't believe we're Sheeran this in public. How dare u!"

Other celebrities have also gotten in on Twitter feuds.

Smash Mouth seemed confused about Sheeran and Mar's tweets, writing: "@BrunoMars @edsheeran We miss something?"

Meanwhile, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul asked for peace between the "Anaconda" rapper and "Bad Blood" singer. "Dear @taylorswift13 and @NICKIMINAJ," he tweeted. "I love you both. How about we all get together and talk this thru? Coffee? Pancakes?? My treat."

Somehow, Kim Kardashian was also thrown into the mix. When she attempted to caption one of her Vogue Spain photos with Kanye West's infamous VMA line "Imma let you finish," she was attacked for taking aim at Swift.

"Wait wait I'm in Paris it's the middle of the night & I'm posting my Vogue Spain pics not having a clue what's going on in the music world," Kim wrote. "I'm not trying to shade anyone! That's not my style! I just thought that caption was perfect for that pic! Changing the caption now! #ironic."

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This all started when Minaj started tweeting her grievances for her music video "Anaconda" not earning a Video of the Year VMA nomination. "If I was a different 'kind' of artist, 'Anaconda' would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well," one of her many tweets read.

"If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year," Minaj added.

This led to Swift tweeting back: "@NICKIMINAJ I've done nothing but love & support you. It's unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot.."

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Minaj then responded: "Huh? U must not be reading my tweets. Didn't say a word about u. I love u just as much. But u should speak on this. @taylorswift13."

Attempting to squash the beef, Swift tweeted back: "@NICKIMINAJ If I win, please come up with me!! You're invited to any stage I'm ever on."

These Twitter feuds are sure to make for an interesting VMAs. The big event airs live on Sunday, August 30, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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