EXCLUSIVE: Kim Richards Admits to Possible Relapse at Daughter's Wedding: 'I Was Super Stressed Out'

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards exclusively sat down with ET for her first post-rehab interview, where she conceded that it's possible she had a relapse at her daughter Brooke's wedding in May.

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"I was super stressed out and I looked on the ground and there were, like, two little margaritas, and I think I drank one," Richards revealed. "I am not even sure."

Brooke's nuptials in Mexico came just after Richards' 30-day sober mark. The reality star had entered rehab for the fourth time earlier this year after being arrested on April 16 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, following an incident. The Beverly Hills Police Department told ET at the time that Richards was acting belligerent and locked herself in a bathroom. Once taken into custody, she reportedly kicked a police officer in the leg and was later charged with public intoxication, trespassing, resisting arrest and battery of a police officer.

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"They put me on a medication called Ativan," Richards said, referring to the anti-anxiety prescription drug. "After 30 days, they were like, 'You can't go to your daughter's wedding. You really shouldn't.' I'm like, 'I am going to my daughter's wedding.'"

The combination of Ativan with alcohol can be a dangerous mix, and wedding guests reportedly found Richards to be belligerent after the ceremony.

"That mixture of that much with Ativan ..." Richards said with a shrug. "That's what I probably drank."

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Richards told ET that she will never again guarantee that she will "stay on the right track," but she did assure us that she works "every single day at it" and is currently more than 30 days sober.