Alexander Skarsgard Works the Red Carpet in Full Drag at 'Diary of a Teenage Girl' Premiere

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Is it too on the nose for us to start this with a “YAAAAAAAS QUEEN”?

This is what Alexander Skarsgård usually looks like on a red carpet:

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This is the red carpet at the True Blood premiere. Remember True Blood?

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And *this* is what Alexander Skarsgård looked like at The Diary of a Teenage Girl premiere in San Francisco on Monday:

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Again, is it too on the nose for us to say “WERK, SKARSGÅRD! WERK!”?

Skarsgård didn’t explicitly address why he was in drag -- there’s no drag in the movie -- but it looks like everyone in the cast dressed ‘70s style -- which does have to do with the movie, as Diary of a Teenage Girl is set in 1976 -- and Alex just REALLY embraced the theme:

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In Diary of a Teenage Girl, Skarsgård plays Monroe, a man who begins an affair with the 15-year-old daughter (Bel Powley) of his girlfriend, Chloe (Kristen Wiig). Check out an exclusive clip:

The movie hits theaters Friday. If we weren’t already intrigued, we are now...

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