EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga's 'AHS: Hotel' Lovers Tell All: 'She's Probably Going to Make Me Her B***h!'


Lady Gaga's three lovers from 'Hotel' are speaking exclusively to ETonline about the struggles of sharing the leading lady in bed.

Get ready to check in to the sexiest season of American Horror Story that we've ever had!

On Friday, AHS: Hotel executive producer Ryan Murphy revealed brand new details about Lady Gaga's bisexual and polyamorous character, Elizabeth, who owns the Hotel Cortez.

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"Lady Gaga plays a character who has relationships with Matt [Bomer] and Angela [Bassett] and Cheyenne [Jackson]," Murphy spilled at the FX TCA Press Tour of the music icon's leading role.

"It's sexier than any season we've done," Murphy said to ETonline. "Particularly because of the Gaga of it, so I would say scarier and sexier -- by far the most sexy season."

Now, Gaga's three lovers from Hotel are speaking exclusively to ETonline about the struggles of sharing the leading lady in bed, which of Elizabeth's men has a wandering eye for younger guys, and which hotel guest will end up being her "bitch" almost instantaneously.

The first member of Gaga's sexual trifecta is Angela Bassett. The Emmy-nominated actress is stepping into yet another sultry AHS role as Ramona Royale, a "fabulous" and wealthy actress in L.A. and frequent visitor to the Hotel Cortez.

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"She's never been with a woman before," Bassett confessed to ETonline of Ramona's romantic past. "She's just very attractive to Elizabeth. There's just something about her as soon as she lays eyes on her."

Although Bassett has yet to shoot any scenes with Gaga -- Mother Monster begins filming her first murderous scene on Monday -- the actress revealed that she has a hunch for who will wear the pants in their relationship.

"She's probably going to make me her bitch," Bassett shared with a laugh. "I think she gets me to do something that I've never done before. It'll be interesting." The actress added that she's thrilled that their relationship will "contribute to the sexiness" of the season.

So what is it about Elizabeth that Ramona will find so irresistible? "I think she sees me, she gets me. She appreciates femininity, strength, beauty," Bassett explained. "She doesn’t think [Ramona] needs to sell herself short by having sex with producers or anyone else other than her, but, of course, she's a different story."

The actress continued, "She just sees her and gets her as only a girlfriend can."

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It was also revealed that American Horror Story first-timer Cheyenne Jackson will be sharing Elizabeth's hotel sheets as Will Drake.

"He's a fashion designer icon, a Tom Ford-type of person, who owns an empire," Jackson shared. "He's moved from New York, and he's come into the hotel and is taking over. Lady Gaga has owned the hotel, but I come in and need to clear some space out for my stuff, and she happens to be someone that I have to go through."

One thing leads to another, and Will quickly becomes one of Elizabeth's sexual conquests.

"We have some hot stuff," Jackson dished with a bashful smile. "She kind of calls the shots in many ways. I think she's in control, and I just go with it."

Unlike Ramona, Jackson's AHS character will also be taking a page out of Elizabeth's bisexual book with a second steamy relationship. "I also have [a sexual relationship] with Finn [Wittrock]," he said. "His character Tristan is a model and has worked for me before, so…"

We can only imagine where the end of that sentence will lead us this October!

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And last, but certainly not least, Matt Bomer's character Donovan, a wealthy actor with some serious mommy issues, will also share some twisted sexual scenes with Gaga.

"Donovan is a resident at the Hotel Cortez. He's very closely associated with Lady Gaga’s character, and also many, many of the cast members here and there," Bomer said. "He has very deeply, complicated relationships with women, particularly his mother, who is played by Kathy Bates."

Ryan Murphy confessed that the first scene Gaga is shooting on the AHS set will be something "disturbing and awful" with Donovan. "In the first two days, she has a pretty spectacular murder scene to shoot with Matt Bomer," he said.

Bomer doesn't seem to mind. "I would team up with Lady Gaga on any scene, so it’s very fitting for this show," he said of their upcoming bloody scenes. ”I'm just really excited to work with her."

Although Bassett, Jackson and Bomer are thrilled to be sharing scenes with Lady Gaga, we were curious to know one thing: Are their on-screen alter egos okay with having to share Elizabeth sexually?

"I don't normally like to share, no," Jackson answered quickly.

"Well…" Bomer began while trying to find the right words to say. "Nobody really wants to over share their love."

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And as for Ramona? "She is not okay about it. At all!" Bassett said while waving her hand dismissively. "I think she wants her lover all to herself."

We'll just have to wait and see which of Lady Gaga's lovers will be standing by her side at the end of the season!

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres October 7 on FX.