Nick Jonas Talks Playing Gay Character & Transforming His Body for 'Kingdom'

Fans are getting a version of Nick Jonas never seen before on DirecTV's Kingdom.

Fans are getting a version of Nick Jonas never seen before on DirecTV's Kingdom -- 15 pounds bulkier and playing a character struggling with his sexuality -- and the former boy band member dished to ETonline's Leanne Aguilera about his transformation.

On the dysfunctional family/MMA drama, Nick plays fighter Nate Kulina, who specializes in wrestling and grappling, but the real fight is within himself. The season finale revealed that Nate might be gay when he drunkenly finds solace in another man's embrace after being turned away from a gay bar.

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"He's still trying to figure it out, and it'll be a journey for sure," Nick told Leanne. "I'm willing to go wherever I need to go with the story and we'll figure it out when we get there, I guess."

Nick has already shown how devoted he is to the role in putting on 15 pounds of muscle for the part. The 22-year-old actor and singer had to bump up his daily caloric intake from 3,000 calories to 4,200 calories in order to obtain the physique along with countless hours in the gym.

Nick was hit with an even tougher challenge when it came time to slim back down for some of the show's more risqué scenes requiring a more chiseled look. Nick's explained his slim-down formula.

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"Basically it just consists of drinking a lot of water, cutting out sodium," Nick said. "And it's just a lot of sweat. A lot of sweat."

The entire first season is available on digital platforms including iTunes and Google Play. Season two premieres Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the DirecTV Audience Network.