Tom Brady & Ben Affleck: Let's Break Down This Ultimate Bromance

A Boston bromance born in Baker's Bay.

When you think about it, it's a friendship made in heaven.

Ben Affleck and New England Patriots' star quarterback Tom Brady have been spotted together as early as 2004, when both attended a White House Correspondents Dinner after party. However, as evidenced by the ongoing NannyGate scandal Ben currently finds himself wrapped up in, this bromance goes far deeper than that. So, let's break it down. 

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Ben Affleck, 43.

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Boston's pride and joy (along with longtime friend Matt Damon). He places immense value on the city and its beloved sports teams, as do they him.

Tom Brady, 38.

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The sixth round benchwarmer turned hometown hero. Married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Tom avoids the public eye ever since his ill-fated split from actress Bridget Moynahan in 2006.

The Baker's Bay connection.

Ben and Tom have likely run into each other at Baker's Bay, the private beach resort in the Bahamas where they both are known to stay. This is where Ben and Jennifer Garner took their kids (along with former nanny Christine Ouzounian) before announcing their divorce after 10 years of marriage.

What's even better than getting to have a friend on an island resort? Having that friend be the star QB on your favorite football team!

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Ben basically loves Tom.

That's a photo tweeted from the Boston ska band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones' following the Patriots Super Bowl victory this year. As with many Patriots loyalists, Ben's got a special place in his heart for No. 12. Matt confirmed as much at the Project Greenlight premiere earlier this week.

"Just say the name Tom Brady, he'll crack into a big smile -- anytime." the actor told E! News.

Back in March, Jennifer Garner revealed how deep Ben's love for Tom went during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

"There were tears. Seriously, it was like the greatest moment of his life," Jennifer told host, Jimmy Fallon. "It actually was, though. I birthed babies for him, and I still have never seen that pure joy."

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So obviously, Ben was among the ranks of celebs -- along with Matt, John Krasinski, Chris Evans and more --who showed up to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! to defend Tom's honor during the Deflategate scandal he's been embroiled in following the Patriots' Super Bowl victory.

"I love you, Touchdown, Tommy," Ben's character utters in the funny sketch. Little did we know, this seeming friendly fondness would culminate in....

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Christine Ouzounian wears Super Bowl rings on a Las Vegas trip with the two.


ET obtained a picture the 28-year-old former nanny previously sent to several of her friends, showing her wearing Tom's four Super Bowl rings on her right hand. ET can confirm that Christine was on the private jet with Ben and Tom as the group headed to Las Vegas for a charity poker tournament in late June -- without Ben's kids. A source tells ET this raised a red flag for Christine's friends, as she took the trip without Ben's kids.

Only days after Ben and Tom's Vegas trip -- and one day after their 10-year wedding anniversary -- Ben and Jennifer announced their split.

Since then, ET has learned of reports alleging that Tom and his wife, Gisele, may also be headed for a split.

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Where we're left.

With Tom's privacy concerns and Ben's life under constant scrutiny, it's unlikely you'll see the kind of wall-to-wall selfies someone like Taylor Swift reserves for her BFFs. But the two Boston-anchored public figures with California roots seem to have quite a fondness for each other, and yes, even a well-maintained bromance, that appears to have lasted from Tom's early days on the Patriots roster.

One can only hope, as this friendship continues, that Ben gives Tom a few pointers on his dance moves. Watch the quarterback's adorably awkward moves to "Trap Queen" below.