Does Katy Perry's Cryptic Instagram Mean New Music is on The Way?

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Are we finally getting new music from Katy Perry?

Fans have bene clamoring for new tunes from the pop star, and now they're more curious than ever about her music after she posted a slightly critic Instagram photo on Friday.

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Cryptic might be a relative term, as the picture shows a gold-tipped manicured hand with "bye" stamped onto the middle finger bathing in a rainbow light. The caption simply says, "girl."

While she doesn't state the name of her last album, Prism, outright, it does appear that Katy, 30, is saying peace out to that era with a calculated "F.U." Considering her Prismatic World Tour is still going strong through October, the timing for the middle finger goodbye is very interesting. Maybe she's just had enough of singing "Dark Horse"?

Then again, this California gurl has always known how to "roar." Plus, it's a smart move -- now we really can't wait to find out what her new round of songs will sound like.

Well played, Katy.

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Maybe the next record will be influenced by FKA Twigs -- Katy just gave the British singer's epic 16-minute music video/short film her resounding approval, tweeting, "The crown has officially been snatched from everyone."

And that shout out is coming from someone who knows a thing or do about stealing spotlights.

Katy's latest photoshoot for Vogue was just as worthy of curious dissection as her Instagram posts have been. Watch her channel Elizabeth Taylor in the video below.