Introducing 'Man Buns Of Disneyland,' the Instagram for All Man Bun-Loving Needs


In the same vein as “DILFs of Disneyland,” the Instagram account that collects all of the dads at Disneyland that you’d like to, well, you know, in one easy-to-creep spot...

Comes “Man Buns of Disneyland.” It’s like DILFs of Disney, but with topknots.

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Have you ever seen a more proud, Disney-loving man bun than this?

There are man buns at the castle:

And man buns at California Adventure:

Man buns, man buns, everywhere:

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And yes, there are some DILFy man buns crossover...

Those are our favorites.

Disneyland truly is the Happiest Place on Earth.

Now, find out the depressing reason that Disney characters rarely have moms: