Zelda Williams Pens Hopeful Message About Depression One Year After Her Father Robin Williams' Death

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One year after Robin Williams'tragic death, his daughter, Zelda Williams, wrote a heartfelt message about handling grief.

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"I spent this night shivering and laughing under a clear, cold sky full of stars with people I love just to witness something beautiful," the 26-year-old wrote on Instagram, alongside a serene photo of the moon hovering over a lake. "We mooned the moon and laughed ourselves hoarse, and I'm so incredibly grateful for every silly second."

"I came to a realization this year that I feel compelled to share here, for whomsoever may need it: Avoiding fear, sadness or anger is not the same thing as being happy," she continued. "I live my sadness every day, but I don't resent it anymore. Instead, I do it now so that the wonderful moments of joy I do find are not in order to forget, but to inhabit and enjoy for their own sake. It's not easy. In fact, I'd say it takes much more effort to consciously do than it does to just stay sad, but with all my heart, I cannot tell you how worth it it is."

The inspirational message ended with not just an update on how Zelda has dealt with sadness but also some sound advice and meaningful thoughts on how to enjoy life to its fullest, even in the face of unspeakable heartbreak.

"And for those suffering from depression, I know how dark and endless that tunnel can feel, but if happiness seems impossible to find, please hold on to the possibility of hope, faint though it may be. Because I promise you, there're enough nights under the same yellow moon for all of us to share, no matter how or when you find your way there," the late comedian's daughter added.

The Instagram post is similar to the one Zelda shared earlier this year, when she took a break from social media right before what would have been her father's 64th birthday.

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Robin died on Aug. 11, 2014, of a suicide at age 63. He battled severe depression most of his life.

Zelda has opened up about her father's death before. Hear what she had to say about not placing blame in the video below.

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