Justin Bieber Gets Caught Complaining About the 'Today' Show Cameras, Debuts New Platinum Blonde 'Do

Justin Bieber gets testy with a cameraman.

Justin Bieber really wants you to see him dance.

The 21-year-old superstar performed on the Today show on Thursday, but was caught complaining that the cameras were not on him while dancing to his new hit, "What Do You Mean?"

"Next time I won't dance because the camera's here the whole time," Bieber says to the cameraman after his performance, visibly annoyed. "Might as well not dance."

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"What do I do this for if they're just gonna ..." he says, before eventually getting cut off to go to commercial.

Meanwhile, his hair just keeps getting bolder.

After debuting a new sideswept style at the MTV Video Music Awards last month -- which had some people comparing his new 'do to Kate Gosselin's infamous Jon & Kate Plus 8 style -- Justin managed to shock again. Initially hiding his hair under a black baseball hat, he later took it off to reveal his new platinum blonde locks.

Obviously, his fans -- some waiting overnight in the rain for his appearance -- were into it too.

Continuing his emotional interviews as of late, Bieber got reflective when Matt Lauer asked him about taking a break from music.

"I think life throws you in places you never expected, you know?" he mused. "And I think I'm just a young man trying to figure it out like everyone else."

But love him or hate him for his bad behavior, Bieber is still clearly a force on the charts. Thursday marked another milestone in his career, as representatives from the Guinness World Records were on hand to recognize him as the youngest artist ever to debut a single straight to the top of the charts for his hit "What Do You Mean?"

He also showed some love to his dedicated fans, buying them pizza while they waited hours for him.

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Watch the video below to hear Bieber explain his current single status, admitting that he's scarred after getting his "heart broken."