EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Murphy Spills More 'AHS: Hotel' Secrets on Lady Gaga's Sexy and Bloody Foursome!

Get ready for a whole lot of Lady Gaga sex in the first six minutes of American Horror Story: Hotel

Get ready for a whole lot of Lady Gaga sex in the first six minutes of American Horror Story: Hotel!

ET recently caught up with the keeper of all the AHS secrets, executive producer Ryan Murphy, and he confessed brand new details about The Countess' (Gaga) bisexual and bloodthristy introduction.

"We came up with this great montage with her and Matt Bomer and it’s a foursome -- not a threesome -- it’s a foursome," Murphy told ET "It’s really sexy. Her opening scene is her and Matt Bomer making out hard for two minutes so wait until you see that!"

WATCH: Lady Gaga's 6-Minute Gory, Sexy 'AHS' Opening Scene

So what new details were revealed about this six-minute silent movie opening? "[It's] scored to one of Lady Gaga’s favorite songs and, I’m not going to tell you what it is, but it was her idea," Murphy revealed. "And I think people will just be blown away with her talent, and what she can do, and how she goes there."

In fact, Gaga's scenes are so provocative that the showrunner is still baffled that the powers-that-be at FX were able to get them approved for on air. "I was shocked at how far she took it and how much we were able to get through the censors but it's pretty amazing. I’m really proud of it as a piece of filmmaking."


Murphy continued, "I think it’s very sexy because she’s sexy. But it’s very modern, but it’s also very scary."

Speaking of scary, the EP spilled that he's having to face his biggest fears while filming this season of AHS. So what spooks the showrunner the most? "Hotels scare me. A lot of people have keys to those rooms and they can come in and get you," he admitted. "Since I started shooting, I always check under the bed now."

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. on FX.