EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Teases 'SNL' Cameo, Decides Between Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon's Impressions of

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Sorry, Miley Cyrus. The fact that Hillary Clinton will be on Saturday Night Live may have overshadowed you're dual hosting and performing duties in the season 41 premiere on Saturday.

ET caught up with the presidential hopeful backstage at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Friday, where Marc Anthony was performing the first of two sold-out shows (yes, you read that right -- the two have been friends for 15 years!), and Clinton was excited about her SNL cameo.

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"I love the impersonations of me, first by Amy [Poehler], who's a great friend, now by Kate [McKinnon]," she told ET. "I'm just thrilled that [Lorne Michaels has] got these amazing women doing these impersonations, and I want to see how it goes."

But how did Clinton get roped into the season premiere? Michaels simply asked!

What are friends for, right?

It must be a little strange not just seeing people do impersonations of you but also standing right there as they happen, but the 67-year-old former Secretary of State takes it all in stride. She even likes both comedienne's impersonations of her, and Clinton told us that she's "not just being diplomatic" by saying that, either.

"I have not seen as much of Kate yet, and Amy is a friend of mine -- we have known each other and done things together -- but they come at it from a slightly different perspective, and I learned something about myself from them pretending to be me," she said with a laugh. "So, I'm looking forward to spending the time with Kate."

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She'll surely get the chance to spend a lot of quality time with McKinnon, as a ton of rehearsals go into making the live show happen. Luckily, Clinton has tackled the prep work in the past. In 2008, she poked fun at herself alongside her then-comedic counterpart, Poehler.

"I've been on SNL before, and it is crazy," she admitted to ET. "You show up, and they're still writing it, and they're putting the airplane together in the air, and they're showing you what they want you to say and where they want you to stand, and then they say no they want it different."

"I love it because it's almost like a creative act that you're in the middle of and you're participating in, but you're also watching and learning from it," she added.

Poehler and McKinnon aren't the only two funny ladies who've played Clinton in the past. She was depicted by Jan Hooks while her husband, Bill Clinton, was president, and by Ana Gasteyer during her then-run for New York Senate.

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Clinton will reportedly be joining McKinnon for Saturday's opening sketch, according to the New York Times. We can't wait to see what the final product looks like -- and we're crossing our fingers that Cyrus also has a major role in that opener, too!

Take a peek at Cyrus' NSFW promos for Saturday's show in the video below.