Lady Gaga Makes 'American Horror Story' Debut in Bloody Group Sex Scene With Matt Bomer


Lady Gaga's American Horror Story debut got off to a gory start with a wordless, six-minute sexcapade that saw both her and co-star Matt Bomer naked and covered in blood.

In the highly anticipated Wednesday premiere of AHS: Hotel, Gaga and Bomer have one of the most shocking scenes in the episode when they participate in group sex with two strangers that leads to them drinking the blood of their partners.

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The scene is not for the faint of heart to say the least.

Gaga plays The Countess, perhaps Hotel Cortez’s most stylish and dangerous resident. She possesses one of the most killer accessories on television, a stylish pair of gloves complete with razor-sharp claws, which she demonstrated on her victims. Bomer plays Donovan, her partner and wealthy actor with some serious mommy issues. He also sports a similar, stylish glove.

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She also has a dungeon-like lair where she's been keeping Det. John Lowe's son Holden captive since 2010. His hobbies include video games and cannibalism.

As promised by creator Ryan Murphy, Gaga’s debut lived up to the hype. "We came up with this great montage with her and Matt Bomer,” he teased to ET ahead of the premiere, adding: “It’s really sexy.”

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The creator has had nothing but praise for the singer who has more than filled the void left by Jessica Lange, who departed after last season.

"[Gaga is] very creepy and scary, but in a very emotional way, which I like," Murphy told ET. "I think this season of all of them feels like our most modern season, it's definitely our most sexual season. It all starts with that lead actor, which she is for us, and she doesn't not disappoint."

What did you think of the gory sex scene?

ET spoke with AHS creator Ryan Murphy about the idea behind the shocking moment:

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