Backstreet Boys Are Teasing Fans With Hints of a Possible Spice Girls Combined Tour

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Both groups will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2016!

Spice Girls meets Backstreet Boys? Yes, please!

Nick Carter and A.J. McLean keep teasing us with talk of going out on tour with the iconic girl group. Though no news has been officially confirmed, McLean reignited our excitement with a brief comment made to Rolling Stone.

"The Spice Girls tour has been this idea bouncing around for the past year and a half, and it's something we're still talking about," he said in a Q&A published on Tuesday. "But we're going back in on the 12th to dust off the cobwebs. We're working with a new producer, Jay Cash, who wrote 'Sugar' for Maroon 5. This is just the beginning phase, but we're hoping to have the album done before our cruise in May."

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Enter, Carter, who added fuel to the fire with a new tweet posted on Friday.

"What do you say @OfficialMelB #backstreetboysspicegirlstour could be epic!" he said.

What do you say @OfficialMelB #backstreetboysspicegirlstour could be epic! #NickCarter #backstreetboys

— Nick Carter (@nickcarter) October 9, 2015

Spice Girl Mel Brown addressed speculation about a reunion for her girl group in an interview on The Meredith Vieira show last month, but didn't reference any plans for teaming up with the boys.

"There's nothing to really spill because nothing has been announced, nothing's official," she said. "I mean, yes, we are in talks because it's our 20th anniversary. And I want something to happen. I'm forcing them a little bit, but yeah. I've been saying it for five years, 'We are reuniting. We are, aren't we?'"

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The Spice Girls broke onto the global scene with their debut album, Spice, which was released in their native U.K. in November of 1996. It wasn't released to the rest of the world until February 1997. (And to refresh your memory, we have Spice to thank for the hits "Wannabe," "Say You'll Be There," "2 Become 1" and "Who Do You Think You Are."

Considering the Backstreet Boys will also be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut in 1996, a combined tour seems like the perfect way to mark the occasion! In the meantime, we'll leave you with two of the most mind-blowing BSB-Spice Girls mashups the web has to offer. Enjoy!

Spice Girls Vs. Backstreet Boys - Larger Than (Spice Up Your) Life from DJ Rockstar on Vimeo.