EXCLUSIVE: Kunal Nayyar Wants Kate Upton to Be Raj's Next Girlfriend on 'The Big Bang Theory'

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Ladies, gentlemen and geeks of all ages, please give a Big Bang Theory welcome to… Footprints on the Moon!

That's right, on tonight's all-new episode of the smash CBS comedy, Raj and Howard are starting a band, and treating fans to the musical stylings of "filk music."

"It's been around for years," Raj explains to Stewart at the comic book store. "It's like folk music but with a sci-fi fantasy theme."

ET was on the Big Bang set during filming for tonight's episode and we caught the live performance of Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar's soon-to-be hit single "Thor vs. Indiana Jones."

Spoiler Alert: It's hilariously epic!

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Now that Raj can officially add musician to his resume, girls should be lining up to date the astrophysicist! So will he finally start to see some action? "Everyone has sort of settled down, or is getting settled, and Raj is not so, I don't know," Nayyar spilled to ET's Kevin Frazier.

"Maybe he will become like the playboy [of the group,]" the actor laughed. "He'll have a girlfriend, and some other girlfriends on the side. This is just me hoping."

So who does Nayyar think should be cast as Raj's next love interest? "Kate Upton," he confessed with a smile.

The Big Bang Theory
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