Lamar Odom Was in a 'Great Mood' Days Before He Was Found Unconscious, Says Brothel Owner

Brothel owner Dennis Hof tells ET that Odom was in good spirits when he arrived at the Love Ranch on Saturday evening.

On Tuesday afternoon, former Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at the Love Ranch, a legal brothel in in Crystal, Nevada, and new details are surfacing about the days leading up to his hospitalization.

Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof spoke with ET on Tuesday evening, saying that the 35-year-old arrived at his establishment over the weekend.

"Lamar came in late Saturday night," Hof told ET. "He came in by himself -- just having fun. [He] wanted to be Lamar."

"He's a nice guy," Hof added. "A gentleman."

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The 68-year-old Hof, who owns a number of brothels in Nevada and starred in the HBO docu-series Cathouse, claims that Odom was in good spirits when he arrived but alleges that his mood seemed to change after his first day at the Love Ranch.

"He was in a great mood, life was beautiful," Hof said. "But on Sunday, he seemed upset -- a little somber. [He was] still eating and eating healthy, but staying alone."

Hof alleges that Odom was discovered unresponsive by two of the women who worked at the establishment on Tuesday afternoon. The women notified management, who called emergency services.

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While Hof claims that Odom had been taking an herbal substitute for Viagra, he alleges that no drugs were found on the scene.

"Police couldn’t find drugs," Hof said. "We couldn’t find any."

Odom was transported to Desert View Hospital, where he arrived at 4:15 p.m. and was later moved to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. Odom required intubation, according to TMZ, a procedure often performed by doctors to maintain an open airway into the lungs when a patient cannot breathe on their own.