Justin Theroux Recalls His 'G-Rated' Bachelor Party Thrown by Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel had to "bully" Justin Theroux to have a bachelor party, and then it turned out to be super tame.

The Leftovers
star showed up on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live and reminisced with his pal about the bash. "It was the most G-rated [bachelor party]," Kimmel quipped.

The party was held at the late-night host's house and Theroux said Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney, answered the door that night with their baby daughter Jane in her arms. "My wife and baby were at your bachelor party," Kimmel reiterated.

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Theoroux joked that it was a "very quiet" party as McNearney and the baby were upstairs sleeping. 

Kimmel also called out actor Billy Crudup for falling asleep at the soiree. "That's how wild it got," the 47-year-old host joked.

Theroux married Jennifer Aniston in a secret ceremony this past August and Kimmel officiated the nuptials. While the comedian claims that he's kept quiet about the event, he wasn't thrilled that the 44-year-old actor went on Good Morning America and revealed that Kimmel cried at the wedding.

"The the one piece of information that you let escape from this wedding [was that I cried]," Kimmel said, waving his finger in the air. "I know it's true but..."

"I wanted people to know that you have a tender heart," Theroux responded.

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The pals also shared a spoof movie trailer where the newlywed portrays the UCONN macaroni and cheese student that became a viral sensation.

Also at the wedding was Ellen DeGeneres, and Theroux hit up her show on Wednesday. Aniston's husband had no problem talking about his new wife's big fear, and opening up about his recent nuptials.

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