Comedian Chonda Pierce Opens Up About Darkest Days After Husband's Death

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Comedian Chonda Pierce showed ET she can find hope even amid the most painful circumstances when she opened up her Tennessee home to Brooke Anderson last month.

The "Queen of Clean" has made a career out of making people laugh, and thanks to her stellar DVD sales, she's the top-selling female comedian in the country. However, despite such success, she admitted that losing her husband, David, after emergency brain surgery last year left her wanting to "end it all."

During some of her darkest days, Chonda, a devout Christian, said that she would force herself to go out and make audiences laugh even when she didn't see the humor in life.

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"I used to say all the time, 'Everything that you drag out of the dark into light has no more power over you,'" Chonda told ET.

Chonda gets personal in her documentary, Laughing in the Dark, out Oct. 27. David, whom she was married to for more than three decades, was a big part of the film.

"One of my favorite comedians, Lucille Ball, said, 'I'm not funny. What I am is brave," Chonda says in the movie. "I'm not the person I was when this documentary started, and I don't want to be that person again."

In speaking with Brooke, Chonda said the main thing she hopes audiences get from the movie is hope.

"That's the number one thing," Chonda said. "Hope is the sweetest thing."

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