Former Producer of 'The View' Suing Rosie O'Donnell

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Things are getting heated between two former employees of The View.

Jennifer Shephard-Brookman, once a senior producer of the daytime talk show, filed a lawsuit against Rosie O'Donnell, claiming that the former co-host created a "threatening environment," according to the New York Daily News.

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The lawsuit claimed that O'Donnell reportedly confronted Shephard-Brookman in an aggressive manner in September 2014, when the producer shifted coverage of the Islamic State beheading of journalist James Foley from O'Donnell to her co-host, Whoopi Goldberg.

The 53-year-old actress reportedly began screaming at Shephard-Brookman and grabbed the arms of her chair, "leaning very close to her face, and prohibiting her from leaving, while continuing to aggressively and loudly berate her," according to the court papers.

The former producer, who had been with The View since 2001, was "scared of Rosie and thought she was going to be assaulted," the documents obtained by the New York newspaper add.

Shepard-Brookman is said to be seeking an unspecified amount of damages, while O'Donnell's lawyer says the lawsuit is "baseless." "Miss O'Donnell will defend herself vigorously in court," Nicolle Jacoby of the Dechert law firm told the paper.

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O'Donnell rejoined The View as co-host in September 2014 after a very dramatic exit seven years earlier. After six months, the now 53-year-old comedian announced that she was leaving the show for a second time to concentrate on her family’s "well being."

"Stress is a major contributing factor to heart disease and heart attacks. You can't really minimize it," she told ET after announcing her departure in February. "I'm having a lot of stressful situations in my family life at the moment and having stressful situations in my work environment, so something had to give. The most easy way to accomplish the lessening of the stress is to not go to work for right now."

O'Donnell has been dealing with difficult situations at home as well. Her adopted daughter, Chelsea O'Donnell, left home in August, reunited with her birth mother after her 18th birthday, and is now living in New Jersey with Stephen Sheerer, a 25-year-old she met on Tinder

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