Bobbi Kristina Brown Used Heroin, Smoked Marijuana and Crack 'Often,' According to Friend's Deposition

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A new lawsuit may shed some light on Bobbi Kristina Brown's alleged drug use in the days before she was found unconscious in her home on Jan. 31.

Bobbi Kristina’s friend and former roommate, Danyela Bradley, alleges in a video deposition -- the transcript of which was obtained by ET on Monday -- that the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was regularly using several illegal drugs.

"She smoked marijuana, she probably smoked crack often, and also did heroin," Bradley said of her late friend in the deposition. Bradley’s testimony is related to a car accident that she and Bobbi Kristina were involved in just days before the aspiring singer was found unconscious in the bathtub of the Atlanta, Georgia home that Houston left her.

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Bradley met Bobbi Kristina through her boyfriend at the time, Nick Gordon, and lived in the house with her, Gordon, and Gordon’s friend Max Lomas until after Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized. While Bradley claimed that they used to smoke marijuana together, she admitted that she never saw Bobbi Kristina using heroin and said that the aspiring singer would use hard drugs "once every two weeks or so."

"I would just visually see her physical being and I could just tell," she said, adding that Brown would get "very sleepy, nod off" and "kind of keep to herself" when she did heroin, and was "just be not even talkative" when she did crack.

Bobbi Kristina died on July 26 after spending six months in a coma. She was 22 years old.

"When I first lived with her I didn’t know that she had actually had a problem with [drugs] until I had lived with her …for a couple of weeks," Bradley said of Bobbi Kristina’s alleged drug use. “[But] I guess after a few weeks she just didn’t really hide it."

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Bobbi Kristina’s conservator, Bedelia C. Hargrove, has accused Gordon of verbally and physically abusing Bobbi Kristina prior to her death, as well as being involved in a physical altercation before she was found unconscious. Recent legal documents from Hargrove allege that "Ms. Brown died due to a violent altercation with Defendant (Gordon) after which he placed her in a bathtub, unconscious, after he injected her with a toxic mixture."

Gordon has not been arrested in connection with Brown's death, and his lawyers previously called the initial "toxic cocktail" allegations "slanderous and meritless."

Gordon’s legal team weighed in on Bradley’s deposition on Monday, with a statement to ET.

"A source close to Nick's legal team believes Bobbi’s accident could have played a role in her death," the statement reads. "If she was prescribed medication after the accident and mixed it with drugs, she could have had a reaction that led to her death."

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