Jimmy Fallon Talks Second Hand Injury: There Was 'Pools of Blood Everywhere'


Jimmy Fallon's most recent injury happened all because he was attempting to do a good deed!

The 41-year-old Tonight Show host explained his new injury to his right hand during his show on Monday, which occurred this past Saturday while he accepted the Harvard Lampoon's Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fallon shared that it all started because he wanted to give the Harvard band a bottle of Jaegermeister, to show his gratitude for playing for him during the laser light show.

"I go, maybe I'll present them with some type of award because it's nice for the band to do, they don't get paid for this," Fallon explained. "So I go, 'Someone give me a bottle of Jaegermeister and I'll present that to the band like it's an award for them.'"

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon's Fingers Covered in Bandages Following Second Hand Injury

Unfortunately, the comedian was unaware that a girl was supposed to kneel down and give him a flower, and he tripped over her with the bottle of alcohol in his hand.

"So she knelt down, and I didn't see her," Jimmy recalled, reenacting the moment. "And this hand's already gone [points to his injured left hand] so I just threw the bottle and landed on broken glass. There's pools of blood everywhere."

Thankfully, his hand injury is not as severe as the one he suffered in June, when he nearly tore off his left ring finger when he accidentally caught his wedding band on a desk countertop in his Manhattan apartment.

"I'm so used to going to the hospital now, I'm like, 'This is kind of fun,'" he joked about making a return this past weekend. "So I went in, and everything's alright and all great, a couple of Band-Aids [later] just wanted to let everyone know I'm fine."

PHOTO: Jimmy Fallon Chips a Tooth After Epic Hand Injury

Fallon's latest injury was actually all caught on video.

The man who took the video, Ryan Schuster, told ET that it was a "very crowded party," leading to Fallon's injury. He also said that the former Saturday Night Live star "seemed OK" after the fall.

Watch the video below for more on Fallon's Saturday mishap.

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